Coal-bed methane power generation system
Coalbed methane (gas) is assigned a symbiotic existence of coal seams or associated gas, mainly methane, the heat value of natural gas equivalent, an unconventional natural gas. CBM gas engine right through the (gas) for combustion power generation virtually no emissions, is a clean, efficient energy;
Well before the gas (CBM)
CBM methane content of more than 90%, can in some parts of the independent coal mining. The ingredients are usually very stable CBM can be directly transported to the gas pipeline network or gas internal combustion engine.
gas wells (CMM)
CMM is released during coal mining of methane gas and air are mixed, for safety reasons, must be removed. CMM generally contain 5-12% volume content of oxygen, the methane content of 25-60%. However, the methane / air ratio may suddenly change, so that such methane gas engine application in the state more complicated.
After the gas wells (AMM)
Even if the mine has been closed, the CBM will continue to overflow. Abandoned mine methane in general does not contain oxygen, its composition changes very slowly. The methane content in the range of 60% methane to 80%.
LIYU methane (gas) power generation system integration solutions from the customer the actual situation, completely respond to fluctuations in gas concentration, providing excellent gas pretreatment system and high-performance, high-power gas-fired power generation system, fewer customers in the cost of inputs Meanwhile, the full protection of power plant is stable, enabling customers to maximize efficiency.
Case 1: Nishiyama Toure Ping Gas Power Generation Project
The planned capacity of 12MW, install seven stand-alone capacity 1703KW Gas-fired generating units. The annual consumption of pure gas 430 000 000 M3, the annual power generation of about 80 million degrees. Project through the "Clean Development Mechanism" (CDM) of the audit.

Case 2: Daning Shanxilanhua Power Generation

The planned capacity of 35MW, installed eight stand-alone capacity 4000KW The TCG2032V16 gas generators supporting 3000KW heat units. Daning 54 million annually to make M3 mine gas turning waste into treasure, the annual generating capacity of 230 million

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