Biomass power generation system
Replace fossil fuels, environmental protection and energy-saving benefit of future generations set in one of the energy utilization of new technologies.
Biomass power is possessed of biomass through anaerobic fermentation of biomass into biogas technology for power generation, resulting hair power plant not only to meet operational needs, but also supplying the public grid. With waste heat can be used for biogas production.
Since fossil resources become scarce, and people's needs are on the rise, biomass biogas as high energy and renewable fuels will undoubtedly lead the future of power generation industry is an important energy sources.
Biomass power generation applications many ways, according to consumption of biomass types can be divided into landfill gas, biogas, sewage treatment and biogas power generation.
Etone Integrated Energy System Solutions is a nationwide success running, most economical solution is the use of bio-fermentation gas way into electricity. Etone Not only has the latest technical expertise, and has 20 years of combined experience in energy use. From a comprehensive re-engineering to the client tailored solutions for each challenge, our biomass power generation has a corresponding response options.
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