Gas for power generation system

Introduction and classification of natural gas distributed energy
One unit , three kinds of energy
High-efficiency power generation equipment , providing electricity, heating , cooling, three kinds of energy use
Minimum energy transmission losses , reduce fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions
Natural gas is one of today's most important source of energy .
Because of the growing demand for energy , fossil fuels are becoming increasingly valuable. This is not only an eco-friendly challenges on , or an economic challenges . Gas prices continue to rise so that we must be in the production of electrical energy , thermal energy and cooling process to maximize energy efficiency.
Distributed energy systems referred to DES (Distributed Energy System) is used in a limited area trigeneration ( referred CCHP, Combined Cold Heat and Power) technology through the pipe network and the cable to small-scale power generation systems , small-capacity , modular , arranged in a manner distributed around the user , can be output independently , heat and cold to the integrated energy supply system .
Li Yu sees itself as the customer's full partner , not just to provide users with excellent price and efficient systems and engines only. Meanwhile, we also provide professional consulting services and customer service for users to develop integrated cogeneration program , through the use of distributed energy supply of natural gas to expand the entire value chain , we have expertise in natural gas supplied to customers is ongoing earnings.

Distributed Energy Systems Category
In accordance with the scope of distributed energy supply systems can be divided into regional type (DCHP) and building type (BCHP) two kinds of
Regional-based system
Mainly for a variety of industrial , commercial or scientific parks and other large areas, equipment generally use larger capacity units, but also consider the external cooling heating and power supply network equipment , often need to build independent energy supply center .
Building -based systems
For buildings with specific functions , such as office buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals and buildings of certain integrated building heating and power supply systems, usually only a small capacity units, often arranged in the room inside the building , without considering outside the network construction .
Gas CCHP Technology Introduction
Gas CCHP technology is an energy-saving economy technologies to clean natural gas as the initial energy , gas turbine or internal combustion engine driven generators and other power equipment operation , generating electricity to meet user demand for electricity , the system exhaust heat through the heat utilization equipment ( heat boiler or absorption chillers , etc. ) to the user and heating and air .

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