• Coal-bed methane power generation system
    Coalbed methane (gas) is assigned a symbiotic existence of coal seams or associated gas, mainly methane, the heat value of natural gas equivalent, an unconventional natural gas. CBM gas engine right through the (gas) for combustion power generation virtually no emissions, is a clean, efficient energy;
  • Biomass power generation system
    Biomass power is possessed of biomass through anaerobic fermentation of biomass into biogas technology for power generation, resulting hair power plant not only to meet operational needs, but also supplying the public grid. With waste heat can be used for biogas production.
  • Gas for power generation system
    Natural gas is one of today's most important source of energy. Because of the growing demand for energy, fossil fuels are becoming increasingly valuable. This is not only an eco-friendly challenges on, or an economic challenges. Gas prices continue to rise so that we must be in the production of electrical energy, thermal energy and cooling process to maximize energy efficiency.