GE's Waukesha
GEs Waukesha gas engines are known for their ability to perform reliably, around the clock, in the rugged, demanding and often-isolated conditions of oil and gas fields all over the world.
Waukesha engines C ranging from 160 to 4835 bhp C drive gas compressors for all stages of natural gas production from the wellhead through processing, storage and distribution pipeline.
GE Waukesha *APG* Gas Generator set GE Waukesha *275GL* Gas Generator set GE Waukesha *VGF* Gas Generator set GE Waukesha *VHP* Gas Generator set
GEs Waukesha gas engines feature:
  • Durable designs enable reliability in remote, demanding and often mission-critical applications. Fuel flexibility and tolerance that maximizes power output, uptime and profitability.
  • Rich-burn and lean-burn combustion alternatives for optimal fuel efficiency at varying emissions compliance levels.
  • Waukeshas proven (ESM) Engine System Manager, a fully integrated diagnostic and control system.
  • Select models with low emissions levels that meet requirements for non-attainment areas without aftertreatment.
  • Ability to operate at full power at higher altitudes without derate, to compress more gas in a wide range of applications.
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